Market Recap - Foreign investors net sold strongly


▶ During Tuesday's trading session, the market had a correction session but liquidity was still high.

▶ At the end, VN-Index decreased 4.52 points, equivalent to 0.4%, reaching 1,115.97 points; HNX-Index increased 0.03 points (+0.01%), reaching 231.34 points. Market liquidity reached 17.09 trillion VND, equivalent to about 825 million shares traded. Foreign investors continued to net sell 1,555 billion VND, focusing mainly on VHM and HPG.

▶ BCM (+6.93%), FPT (+1.28%) and REE (+2.24%) are the three stocks contributing the most to the market. On the contrary, VHM (-1.94%), VCB (-0.7%) and VPB (-1.79%) are the three stocks that contributed the most to the red color of the market.

▶ Seafood processing and Information technology are the two industry groups that gained the most in today's session with the following typical stocks: VHC and FPT.

▶ Technical perspective: The market corrected slightly after experiencing a positive gaining session on Monday. Strong net selling by foreign investors put pressure on the market. However, in the short term, the uptrend is still maintained when the VNINDEX index has surpassed the MA50 line and the MA20 line is tending to cut the MA50 line. The RSI and MACD indicators are still maintaining a positive trend. This shows that the rising trend may continue to be maintained.



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