Market Recap - Liquidity improved


▶ During Wednesday's trading session, liquidity exploded showing that investor sentiment was positive again.

▶ At the end, VN-Index increased 3.36 points, equivalent to 0.3%, reaching 1,113.82 points; HNX-Index increased 0.69 points (+0.89%), reaching 230.49 points. Market liquidity reached 20.24 trillion VND, equivalent to about 946 million shares traded. Foreign investors continued to net sell 739 billion VND, focusing mainly on VPB and VHM.

▶ Technical perspective: VNINDEX continues to maintain at the price range of 1,113.8 after creating a light retreat candle quite similar to the previous session. During the session, many stocks belonging to the real estate and financial groups increased sharply, showing that market sentiment towards this group has improved, although the VIC group has not yet improved. Currently, the market is still maintaining a good recovery from the bottom but is still below the EMA 200, and the STOCH index is cutting down so the upward momentum is showing signs of slowing down. We expect the market to accumulate more momentum to more clearly surpass MA 200 - area of 1140 points. The corresponding support and resistance levels are 1080 and 1140. 


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