Market Report Week 34 - Accumulation is necessary


Key Highlights:

The Indian government is expected to impose a ban on sugar mill exports in the next sugarcane season starting from October. This news has led to a significant increase in the stock prices of companies in the sugar industry.

Technical view: This week, VNINDEX closed at 1183.3 (+0.46%), showing a slight recovery after a significant drop in the previous week. Despite touching the 1150 level at some point, strong buying support helped maintain the index around 1180. This area is supported by the MA 50 and key Fibonacci levels of 0.5 and 0.618.

Investment Ideas: After a sharp drop of more than 55 points in the previous week, the market has been trading sideways with low liquidity, reflecting cautious investor sentiment. This is a period of uncertainty as Q3 is not over yet, and the market is assessing the business operations of companies.

  • Movement of cash flows and capital flows
  • Top stocks worth noting
  • Macro data

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