Market Report Week 32 - The new equilibrium zone is being established


Assessment: Macroeconomic information from the past week in the US and China has shown contrasting trends, with the US striving to combat inflation while China is concerned about ongoing deflation. 

Technical view: Last week, VNINDEX had a highly volatile trading week. The market opened with a gap-up, but profit-taking pressure appeared towards the end of the week, causing the market to return and form a new equilibrium zone. After a healthy correction following a period of rapid growth, the RSI indicator has moved towards a more balanced state. Market expectations suggest a period of consolidation within the 1,200-1,220 range.

Investment Ideas: Prioritize observation and investment in stocks that have corrected to reasonable support levels such as the 20-day moving average (MA) and show signs of rebounding. We maintain the investment idea as outlined in the Week 31 report. The real estate and retail sectors are likely to receive attention from capital flows, with expectations of profit recovery from their respective lows.

  • Movement of cash flows and capital flows
  • Top stocks worth noting
  • Macro data
Hoang Nam

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